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Study on the Diversified Innovative Entrepreneurship Education Model of Colleges and Universities under the Background of Internet +

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DOI: 10.25236/icsemc.2017.24


Wang wei

Corresponding Author

Wang wei


As a new concept of education in recent years, entrepreneurship education in college students emphasizes that entrepreneurial knowledge should be integrated into the classroom through diversified teaching methods so as to cultivate students' entrepreneurial awareness and entrepreneurial ability. And then internalizing this entrepreneurial spirit and ability to become their own literacy, accomplishing the entrepreneurial talents training objectives.Nowadays, many colleges and universities attach great importance to the mode of innovation and entrepreneurship education. Students are also very creative in starting a business. However, the entrepreneurial ability of students is not flattering. In addition, the faculty in this field is also is relatively deficient,and teaching level is relatively low. All of these make the innovation and entrepreneurship education model utopian, lacking of innovative practice. Since the reform and opening up, China's Internet information technology has made unprecedented achievements, which has poured into continuous support for university education and college students' employment to a certain extent. The advent of the Internet + has played a significant role in the innovation model of colleges and universities, it has influenced the innovation system of universities and provided a solid support for the construction of diversified innovation and entrepreneurship education model.


Internet plus, Diversified, Innovation and entrepreneurship.