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Application Research of Tension Control System on Rotary Printing Press

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DOI: 10.25236/i3ca.2017.08


Shengjiang Chen, Chunfeng Zhang

Corresponding Author

Chunfeng Zhang


A very important factor affecting the quality of printed matter is wheel printing machine tension control. Wheel printer control capability directly affects the paper tape tension facilities whether can run smoothly, and can adapt to different types of paper, in addition, the machine speed increase and decrease, paper roll diameter changes and automatic welding paper can remain stable, clear dot overprint without big changes. Based on dynamic principle, this paper analyzes the tension control in the printing machinery, and introduced the frequency conversion winding tension control system and application example on the wheel press. The reasonable system of high precision, simple control, adopt the system after the enterprise has obtained the very good economic benefits, is worth promoting.


Rotary, Printing machine, Tension control system, Application.