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Research on Teaching Evaluation System in Big Data Environment

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DOI: 10.25236/icsemc.2017.20


Zhou Ruiling

Corresponding Author

Zhou Ruiling


Based on the perspective of big data of education and combined with the transformation of educational evaluation activities, this paper studies the acquisition, visual analysis and presentation techniques of big data of education. The technology of big data of education has promoted the realization of data-driven decision-making in educational evaluation and provided good support for multi-party participation in educational evaluation and realization of developmental assessment of students. Tablet computers, digital pens, wearable devices and the like can digitize different types of learning data in real time to achieve the acquisition of data for the whole process of student learning so as to provide a data base for educational assessment and decision making based on data analysis and rational evidence in the field of education. It explores the evolution of social learning network of students to reveal the characteristics of educational events in the specific space and time.


Big Data of Education, Educational Evaluation, Developmental Assessment, Data Collection, Visual Analysis.