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Research on Digital Representation of Traditional Cultural Inheritance in the Internet Plus Era

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DOI: 10.25236/icsemc.2017.19


Wang Fei

Corresponding Author

Wang Fei


The Chinese broad and profound traditional culture show a new trend of digital transmission in the Internet era, "Internet plus traditional culture by the interaction and diversity constantly deepen the connotation of traditional culture, promote the dissemination and inheritance of traditional culture. This paper mainly studies the traditional culture, the performance of digital content planning, interactive design and platform selection, especially the parallax scrolling of interactive design, dynamic skeuomorphism, 3D and 360° surround view, immersive virtual environment, gravity sensing simulation and relationship graph of visualized interaction between the six aspects of the analysis, the performance of digital exploration of the inheritance and development of traditional culture the future direction of development.


Internet Plus, Traditional Culture, Digitalized Performance, Contents Planning, Interactive Design.