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Effects of authentic leadership on organizational citizen behaviors of employees -- with workplace spirituality as a mediator

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DOI: 10.25236/icsemc.2017.16


Ke Jianglin, Zheng Lujian, Yuan Dongxue

Corresponding Author

Ke Jianglin


Authentic leadership and workplace spirituality are two novel concepts emerging in the field of management, and considerably contribute to leadership revolution and intra-organizational management. Employees, as the most basic and important part of an enterprise, play a non-negligible role in the organization. Organizational citizen behaviors, the behaviors beyond the contract that are conducted due to personal willingness, can significantly promote the organizational development and enlargement. In this study, we explored the relationships among authentic leadership, workplace spirituality and organizational citizen behaviors. It was validated the authentic leadership of direct leaders could promote the formation of organizational citizen behaviors among employees, and the workplace spirituality of senior employees would stimulate the conduction of more organizational citizen behaviors. Moreover, the workplace spirituality of employees plays a significant mediating role between their organizational citizen behaviors and the authentic leadership of direct leaders. Therefore, more attention should be paid to the adjustment and transition of leader patterns and the inner spirituality of employees during modern management practices.


Authentic leader, Workplace spirituality, Organizational citizen behaviors.