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Survey and Analysis of Resource of Beijing Niu Jie Food Culture

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DOI: 10.25236/fmess.2017.26


Zhao Qun, Chen Zhong Zhao

Corresponding Author

Zhao Qun


Beijing has a long history; food culture is unique. Every day will attract tens of thousands of Chinese and foreign tourists to Niujie tasting food. Due to the influence of religious culture, many Arab countries of the tourists will be attracted, by eating Chinese food to experience the profound Chinese food culture. This has greatly promoted the cultural exchanges between China and people of all of the world, and deepened the friendly relations. In the diet culture and tourism industry blend with each other and under the background of the rapid development, in terms of Beijing Niujie such food destinations, how to understand and Niujie cooking cultural resources evaluation, to the Niujie diet culture resources to make a rational analysis, put forward the development principle, development strategy and specific diet culture tourism products are very significant. It has certain practical significance and value to make the food culture tourism resources into the special tourism projects, and promote the healthy development of the food culture.


Niu Jie, food tourism, survey and analysis.