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A Novel Active Power Control of A Wind Farm

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DOI: 10.25236/icsemc.2017.03


Weidong Xiao, Wenxiang Xia, Ming Xia

Corresponding Author

Weidong Xiao


This paper applies the Sensitivity-driven Distributed Model Predictive Controller (S-DMPC) for the active power control of wind farm. Compared with the conventional centralized wind farm control, multiple objectives optimal control is used in this study, including power reference tracking performance and wind turbine fatigue load minimization. The computation tasks are assigned to the local distributed controllers and solved in parallel. Through the communication between the neighbouring subsystems, the global optimization could be achieved. Therefore, the proposed controller can significantly reduce the computation burden and guarantee the global optimization. A small wind farm is used as a test case and the simulation results verify the control performance. It is promising for the modern large-scale wind farm control.


Multi-objective, S-DMPC, Wind farm control.