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Research on the Robot Application in View of Aging of Chinese Population

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DOI: 10.25236/icsemc.2017.01


Xiaohong Cheng, Li Qi

Corresponding Author

Xiaohong Cheng


In view of the problem of the shortage of social labor force caused by the aging of our country's population, we predict the future population and the number of elderly people in China, and discuss the role of new robots in future industry, defense, medical care and service, Analysis of the existing problems, given the solution ideas. Since the advent of robots, especially industrial robots, has been accompanied by concerns about the unemployment of workers. However, the fact that the emergence of each new robot not only will not cause long-term, large-scale unemployment, but also to human beings have a new space for development, the relationship between people and the machine has become a partnership. The ever-renewing robot not only improves the living environment of human life, but also allows the human potential to develop to a higher level, so we need to further study the application of the robot. Especially in China increasingly into the aging society, the labor force population decline in the era of the robot will be more can not be ignored.


Robot Application, Aging Markov Forecast.