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Study on Soil Heat Imbalance of Ground Source Heat Pump based on Complex Network System

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DOI: 10.25236/cape.2017.031


He Ren

Corresponding Author

He Ren


The simulation model of ground-coupled heat pump system supplemented by the cooling tower is established in this paper aiming at the thermal balance problems existing in the ground-coupled heat pump system. The operation strategy and the design scheme of compound system are analyzed. He result indicates that: if the buried pipe length of the existing ground-coupled heat pump system is designed in accordance with the maximum heat release quantity in summer, the capacity of cooling tower can be selected in terms of the thermal balance requirement; the buried pipe of the new-type compound system can be designed in accordance with the thermal load of winter, it shall be appropriate to select the cooling tower scheme based on the difference between cooling and heating load, and the supplementary cooling tower scheme shall be optimally launched when the temperature of ground-coupled heat pump entrance exceeds 26℃; additionally, the ground-coupled heat pump is adopted to assume all heating load in the winter and partial cooling load in summer. Furthermore, the better operation effect can be acquired through adopting the supplementary scheme combing the cooling water unit and the cooling tower for summer. Given the mentioned information, it can be acquired that this paper is attached great reference value for the design and operation of compound ground-coupled heat pump.


Complex Network System, Ground-Coupled Heat Pump System, Soil Thermal Balance, Operation Strategy.