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Study on Robust Optimization Design Method Based on Random Probability Test

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DOI: 10.25236/cape.2017.029


Hongqing Liu

Corresponding Author

Hongqing Liu


Based on the stochastic optimization design method of TMD is proposed. Gegenbauer polynomial approximation method of stochastic structure is transformed into an equivalent deterministic order system based on H, select the norm of the transfer function expanded order system as the target of optimization using genetic algorithm to optimize the parameters of TMD. In addition, the stochastic seismic response and dynamic reliability of the stochastic structure TMD system before and after the control are analyzed and compared with the Monte Carlo method. The simulation results show that the proposed optimization method TMD can effectively reduce the random structural response peak and variance, improve the structure of the seismic reliability, using the method of optimal design of TMD has good robustness.


Optimization, Design, Random probability test, Transfer function.