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E-commerce System of Community based on J2EE

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DOI: 10.25236/cape.2017.027


Hongqing Liu

Corresponding Author

Hongqing Liu


with the implementation of enterprise informatization in China and the whole world, e-commerce has had a tremendous impact on social economy and people's lives. The traditional Chinese government and enterprises, which are relatively backward in informatization, are facing new challenges and opportunities for the development of communities and other communities in china. Firstly, the characteristics and development trend of electronic commerce concept, with the combination of community and the current form of domestic post enterprises, objective analysis of the community in the field of electronic commerce's advantages and disadvantages, and points out the necessity of community development of e-commerce, the use of J2EE technology to support the construction of the community e-commerce system based on J2EE". The system takes the community as the object, and gives a complete set of community e-commerce solution. This paper gives a detailed analysis, design and implementation of the "one card subsystem" in the system, and illustrates the application of e-commerce in community business through a specific example.


E-government, J2EE, System design, Enterprise informatization, Examples.