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Planning Risk Assessment of Extension Smart Grid Model based on Multi Layer Model

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DOI: 10.25236/cape.2017.026


Xiaoyan Li, Chenxi Wu, Dangye, Xuejing

Corresponding Author

Xiaoyan Li


Smart grid technology is developing globally. Countries all over the world are making investment to change the traditional smart grid. They have started to readjust their organizations to support smart grid. At the preliminary stage, some software models have been adopted to quantify evaluation to monitor smart grid in realization and schedule. At present, some smart grid interoperability maturity models, investment models of smart grid, smart grid maturity models and smart grid concept models are very useful. To measure the communication of current automation and other fields, allocation and demand resources adopt smart grid interoperability maturity model. With their strategies, the investment model of smart grid is applied to calculate the investments of different smart grids. Smart grid maturity model is used for the hydropower planning transformation in smart grid; prioritize the progress of task and measurement in each stage. The concept model of smart grid is applied to analyze the development of different standards and interoperability smart grid. The proposal of a new smart grid monitoring model is helpful to understand the smart grid deployment and the ability in electrical utilities.


Multilayer Model, Scalable, Grid Model, Planning Risk, Evaluation System.