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The Design and Application of System Software about Test Evaluation and Training of the Athlete’s Movement Function

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DOI: 10.25236/cape.2017.022


Guo sheng

Corresponding Author

Guo sheng


In order to improve the tester’s balance control, The balance testing and training system software which can adjust the weight reduction is developed. It can automatically adjust the angle of the training bed and realize the test evaluation of the athlete’s balance through the weight reduction experiments on different levels to detect what stress on the feet by using presume sensor combination the data acquisition card. This experiment combined with the virtual technology makes balance training in playing-game way. Weight reduction software can precisely control the balance training data, the results of which are objective and fast and the interface of which is vivid. The evaluation index and every training result can be detected quickly through the athlete’s focus track function changed real-time. Assessment software can evaluate the tester’s balance control ability fast and accurately, while the virtual game training can stimulate the tester’s training enthusiasm.


Balance function, Weight training, Interesting training, Gravity track, Visual feedback.