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A Micro Force Measurement and Tracing System Based on Dead-Weight-Balanced Hinge

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DOI: 10.25236/cape.2017.018


Zhiyi Wang, Meirong Zhao, Peiyuan Sun, Yaqian Han, Yelong Zheng

Corresponding Author

Yelong Zheng


In micro force measurement system, transfer mechanism can transform micro force into traceable standard quantity and export them. It is the key link of force measurement. Transfer mechanism is not directly involved in force calculation, but determines measurement capability of system. Because traditional parallelogram hinge is easy to produce plastic deformation after a long time hanging, and has large creep, we design a flexible hinge mechanism whose dead weight is balanced. This mechanism reduces creep of hinge, and enhances measurement accuracy. Initial deformation of hinge has been decreased and resolution has been increased. Experiment demonstrates that resolution of this system is up to 10-8N, and relative standard uncertainty of force is less than 2%.


Micro force, Dead-weight-balanced hinge, Stiffness, Resolution.