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A 1MHz-64MHz Active RC TI-LPF with Variable Gain for SDR Receiver in65-nm CMOS

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DOI: 10.25236/cape.2017.016


Chaoxuan Zhang, Xunping Hou, Tiejun Lu

Corresponding Author

Chaoxuan Zhang


This paper reports an active RC trans-impedance low pass filter (TI-LPF) with variable gain and bandwidth that can be used in 200MHz to 6GHz zero-IF software-defined radio (SDR) receivers. This paper not only incorporates a single pole Butterworth TI-LPF, but also includes voltage detector for auto-gain control (AGC) systems. Influence of finite gain amplifier and the architecture of this zero-IF SDR receiver, which uses a 65-nm CMOS process, are introduced in this paper as well. Using 65nm CMOS process, this TI-LPF exhibits 64x bandwidth tunability (1MHz to 64MHz), 3 stages of trans-impedance gain of 71.2dBΩ, 67.6dBΩ and 65.1dBΩ, a static power dissipation less than 6.002mW, and a total summarized noise less than 5.969 x 10-15V2.


CMOS, Low pass filter (LPF), Receiver, Software-defined radio (SDR), Trans-impedance amplifier (TIA), Voltage detector, Zero-IF.