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Analysis and Design of Medical Information Search System

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DOI: 10.25236/cape.2017.011


Lin Ye, Hui Cao, Xiang Zhang, Haojie Zhang

Corresponding Author

Hui Cao


At present, the development of information technology is extremely rapid, the original library collection has been unable to meet the massive medical information storage, and began to gradually become a network resource storage.It’s more convenient and fast for people to find their own information.This paper designs a search system based on B/S structure for medical information,combining with the present search engine features and on the current common search engine to explore the working principle of the study,analyzing and design a web-based medical information retrieval system.The system is designed to be divided into four processes:the first part is the web crawl and analysis module, that is the web crawler;second, the establishment of medical information database;third, web index database management module;last part is user interface function module.


Medical information, Search, Spider.