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Design and manufacture of PM2.5 measuring instrument Based on STC12C560S2

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DOI: 10.25236/cape.2017.006


Hui Zhang, Yani Fan, Jianhao Yuan

Corresponding Author

Hui Zhang


A fundamental problem in air pollution is to find an easy method to check air pollution index. This article describes how to design a portable or handheld air quality detectorbased on STC12C560S2 microcontroller. The SHARP-GP2Y1010AU0F optical dust sensor is used to detect the concentration of air dust, andair quality index(AQI) can be acquired on the LCD monitor.The development of hardware system is realized based on the selection of modules such as MCU, sensor, dot-matrix liquid crystal display, lighting alarm, serial communication and mobile power. The functions such as data detection and processing, key control, result display, overrun alarm, data storage and historical data query are completed.


STC12C560S2-MCU, SHARP-GP2Y1010AU0F, Optical dust sensor.