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Research on Extraction Method of LOS rate of Rotating Bomb Full strap-down seeker Based on Kalman Filter

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DOI: 10.25236/cape.2017.001


Fang Hongsong, Liu Yongshan

Corresponding Author

Fang Hongsong


In this paper, the rotating bomb full strap-down seeker is taken as the research object. We focus on the extraction method of LOSrate of full strap-down seeker.The structure of the full strap-down seeker is completely different from that of the conventional platform seeker.Its measurement system is fixed together with the missile body.So the seeker can only get the measurement information under the missile coordinate system.And the measurement information is coupled with the missile posture information, can’t be directly used for the control of the missile.According to the conversion relationship between the coordinate system,the mathematical modeland decoupling model of LOSare established.In this way, the mathematical model of the LOS angle rate extraction is further established.At the same time, two kinds of kalman filter methods, EKF and UKF, are used to design the kalman filter to filter the extracted LOS containing noise information.The validity of the LOS rate extraction mathematical model is verified on MATLAB.And the mathematical simulation on MATLAB verify that the designed kalman filter can effectively extract the line of sight rate information.


Rotating missile, Full strap-down seeker, Inertial line of sight rate extraction, Kalman filter.