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Design of Practice Teaching Management Platform for Undergraduate Colleges Based on Distributed Theory

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DOI: 10.25236/icemet.2017.048


Han Guang

Corresponding Author

Han Guang


the open experimental teaching management system is an indispensable part of the education unit, its content will bring great convenience to the school administrators, teachers and students. It can realize the computer management of the whole process of experiment teaching, reduce the burden of the experimental teaching management personnel, and improve the work efficiency and service level. With modern educational technology and means to stimulate students' interest and desire for knowledge, to inspire students' autonomy and enthusiasm, so that students have great interest in the experiment. This paper expounds the development and design idea of Web based open experiment teaching management system management subsystem, and the method and process of realizing the information exchange between the front desk and the backstage by using ASP technology. The system uses B/S architecture, which can meet the requirements of centralized educational administration users, large amount of data processing, and meet the students' maximum use of the system. Through the demonstration of computer hardware and software solutions, the investigation and analysis of the application field, referring to various materials and database programming practice, successfully achieved the basic design requirements. We design the database system to achieve laboratory management, reservation management, experimental project management, user management, bulletin management and other functions.


Open experiment, Teaching management system, B/S system structure, Reservation management, Database.