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Innovative Research on Value Creation Mode of Internet-Based Crossover Operation Strategy of Traditional Enterprise

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DOI: 10.25236/fmess.2017.21


Na Wang, Suchun Fang, Wei Wang

Corresponding Author

Wei Wang


With the rapid development of internet technology, traditional enterprise which is labour-intensive processing and manufacturing develop slower. It becomes an inevitable choice for traditional enterprise to break the shackles, implement the strategy of crossover operation based on the internet, and to find a new mode of value creation. This paper takes traditional enterprise as the research object, bases on its current development situation and the dilemma of value creation as the research present situation. The value create model based on the internet crossover operation strategy is proposed so that traditional enterprise can be out of the plight, and help traditional enterprise achieve the transformation of development.


Traditional enterprise, Internet, Crossover Operation Strategy, Value Creation Mode.