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Research on the Mental Health Problems and the Construction of Educational Models of Higher Vocational College Students

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DOI: 10.25236/icemet.2017.044


Jing Zeng

Corresponding Author

Jing Zeng


The mental health status of vocational college students is alarming since their mental health is at a low level. With the development and transformation of economy and society, the situation is getting worse. This paper investigates the mental health status of first-year students in Wuhan Technical College of Communications and finds that the psychological problems are as follows: 1) The inferiority of vocational college students is significantly higher than that of undergraduates; 2) the degree of interpersonal sensitivity, depression and obsession-compulsion is higher; 3) loneliness, confusion and anxiety are intertwined. This study will explore the new ways of mental health education, combine with the characteristics of mental health education curriculum, actively innovate the curriculum system, pursue diversification in curriculum teaching mode and teaching method, and fully mobilize the enthusiasm of students to realize the educational effect of the course of college students' mental health education.


Vocational college students, Mental health problems, Educational model construction.