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Research on EGP+ ESP Model Construction in College English Teaching Based on Network Information Technology

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DOI: 10.25236/icemet.2017.042


Yuhua Li

Corresponding Author

Yuhua Li


Most colleges and institutions pay more attention to EGP (English for General Purpose) while ignoring the importance of ESP (English for Specific Purpose). However, nowadays, with the increasing needs of interdisciplinary talents who can adapt well to society, traditional EGP teaching has several limitations in college English teaching practice. In order to improve students' comprehensive ability of English utilization and take full advantage of network information technology, the author puts forward a new mode of college English teaching -- EGP plus ESP mode. It will improve students' ability of combining professional knowledge and English, and strengthen the leading role of modern educational technology in the curriculum reform. Besides, this study will also improve the efficiency of college basic courses teaching and cultivate all-round developing interdisciplinary talents.


ESP, EGP, College English, Network information technology.