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Research on the Differentiation of TV Programs at Home and Abroad

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DOI: 10.25236/icemet.2017.041


Weiliang Zhao

Corresponding Author

Weiliang Zhao


China's TV programs have been localized. In this paper, the domestic and foreign TV programs of the local transformation of differentiation research. China's TV programs are divided into two major plates, the first is a comprehensive program, from CCTV TV to local TV stations, all contain different information. The second plates are emotional communication programs, which are not only emotional, but also incorporate some communication skills. The host uses a variety of ways and techniques to relax the audience. Foreign TV interview programs are divided into daytime TV talk show and night TV talk show. The audience of the daytime program is mainly housewives, and the content is novel and interesting. The main audience of the night program is male, and the purpose of watching is to relieve the pressure. Foreign TV talk shows are classified as popular current events, funny programs, communication programs, emotional programs, programs for special audiences.


TV Program, Difference, Host, Guests.