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Establishment on Index System for Process Evaluation of Flipped Classroom

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DOI: 10.25236/icemet.2017.039


Ping Zhao

Corresponding Author

Ping Zhao


Many colleges and universities promote the use of flipped classroom teaching model, change the traditional inculcation of teaching in the past. Teaching evaluation is the value judgment on the process and resources of teaching and learning, and it can provide reliable basis for teachers' teaching and students' learning. Compared with the traditional evaluation is only concerned with the teaching effect, the process evaluation has the characteristics of the evaluation content diversification, the evaluation standard materialization, the evaluation subject diversification and the equalization of the evaluation relationship. Based on the teaching process of flipped classroom, this paper follows the establishment principle of the evaluation index system, constructs the index system structural model for process evaluation of flipped classroom teaching, and gives a brief description of the evaluation index. The research results of this paper play an important role in improving the teaching effect of flipped classroom and cultivating students' autonomous learning ability.


Flipped classroom, Teaching model, Process evaluation, Index system.