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Constitution of KPI System for Third Party Logistics Enterprises

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DOI: 10.25236/icemet.2017.038


Xi Qin, Wei Xing

Corresponding Author

Xi Qin


In view of the rapid development of the third-party logistics industry, but not format scientific and rational evaluation system status quo, this paper based on the key success factor method to start research. First, the paper studies the composition of the third-party logistics enterprises performance indicators, including finance, customer, business process, technological innovation and staff growth. Then, it studies the key success factors of the third-party logistics enterprises, decomposes through the strategic goal, and then coordinate the performance evaluation objectives; Finally, according to the key success factor method to sort out the key performance indicators, the formation of KPI system. The research results of this paper have an important role in improving the performance of logistics enterprises, accelerating the development of logistics industry, promoting the rationalization of industrial structure and improving the international competitiveness of logistics enterprises.


Third-party logistics, KPI, Key performance indicator, Performance evaluation, Critical success factor.