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Research on Analyzing the Impact of Brexit

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DOI: 10.25236/fmess.2017.20


Junjie Cao

Corresponding Author

Junjie Cao


The establishment of the EU is conducive to the stability of Europe, to promote the economic development of member countries, to improve the international status of Europe, and to have a significant impact on changes in the world pattern. Since the establishment of the EU, not only the EU member states have been rapid development, but also the global economy has been promoted. Britain as one of the members of the European Union, the British exiting from the EU indicates that the entire EU political, economic, diplomatic pattern will be dramatically changed, the Brexit means that the disintegration of the EU will also have a huge impact on the global economy. This article analyses the impact of the Brexit on the global economy.


Brexit, Globalization, Economic implication, European Union, Countermeasures