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Compensation and Quantification of Cultivated Land Ecological Value and its Countermeasure Study ——A Case Study of Xuzhou County Region

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DOI: 10.25236/icemet.2017.034


Zhao Shuqin, An Hongfei, Liang Shuang

Corresponding Author

Zhao Shuqin


Arable land provides material sources for human beings, meanwhile it provides a variety of ecological and social services value. The paper has quantified ecological value of cultivated land in Xuzhou City based on the ecological footprint comprehensive calculation method of equivalent factors, and has combined with the ecological overload index and the correction coefficient of social economy to determine the final ecological value compensation dosage of cultivated land at the county level in Xuzhou City. Through quantitative analysis, it is concluded that the ecological value of cultivated land in the other six county-level units is surplus except that the cultivated land in the city area can not meet the ecological consumption needs to compensate for other areas. Due to the ecological value surplus of arable land, the city can get 2 billion 6 million yuan of arable land ecological value compensation. This paper also has put forward three countermeasures for the ecological value compensation of cultivated land from the government and the public, so as to help the improvement of the later ecological value compensation mechanism of cultivated land.


Xuzhou County region, Cultivated land ecological value, Value compensation quantification, Ecological footprint.