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The Analysis of Legal Education Practical Reform Based on TheSocial Position of Law

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DOI: 10.25236/icemet.2017.031


Tao Tao

Corresponding Author

Tao Tao


With the development of the rule of law, the law education also faces the reform of living in the time and solving practical problems. Based on the legal position of social science, this paper analyzes the background and reality of education in the present law, and puts forward the orientation, core content and specific measures of the reform of the law education, and points out that the law education should be fully oriented towards practice. In order to solve the problem of education and social practice, we should focus on the reform of teaching method and reform of teaching methods, and finally realize the progress of teaching effect, which is to focus on solving the distance between the law education and social practice, so that education can cultivate legal professionals with legal career thinking and practical problem solving.


Education of law, The rule of law, Practice, Social science of law.