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PBL English Teaching Research for Medical Postgraduates

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DOI: 10.25236/icemet.2017.027


Zeng Xiangfa, Ren Mengmei

Corresponding Author

Ren Mengmei


This study is to explore the effectiveness of PBL English teaching methods for medical postgraduates. PBL was used in medical postgraduates’ English teaching andafter the teaching, the students were surveyed and SPSS19.0 statistical software package was used for analysis. The results of statistical analysis found that medical postgraduate students’ PBL English teaching model acceptance is 3.98, English learning interest 4.057, English learning attitude 3.65, and English learning outcome 3.77. Most of the medical postgraduates like PBL English teaching mode, which can greatly improve the interest of medical students in learning English and improve the students' oral English, listening and learning material collection and collation ability.


Medical postgraduate, PBL English teaching model.