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Research on Problem-driven Hybrid Learning Model Based on Computational Thinking

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DOI: 10.25236/icmcs.2019.051


Weiwei Guo, Feng Liu and Xiaomin Zhao

Corresponding Author

Weiwei Guo


Cultivating computational thinking ability is the core content of the teaching process. Combining with the misunderstandings in the curriculum design of programming, this paper proposes a problem-driven hybrid learning model based on computational thinking. Firstly, through the analysis of the validity and feasibility of computational thinking in teaching, from knowledge, cognitive structure and learning. The three dimensions of the method construct the development model of computational thinking ability; then, through the students' learning needs, the learning effect is effectively optimized, and the students' computational thinking ability is promoted. Finally, the corresponding theory is effectively provided through the three-dimensional hybrid learning environment and resources. Enriched the relevant research results of this paper.


Computational Thinking, Problem-Driven, Hybrid Learning