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Training strategies of reverse thinking in poetry writing teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/icemet.2017.026



Corresponding Author



As an important discipline in junior middle school, Chinese plays a basic role in the whole education system. While, writing is an important module of the whole Chinese language teaching.It is the comprehensive performance of students' literacy and language ability as well as an important way to show the quality of students' thinking. As the focus of the whole writing module, there is a deep personal emotion in poetry writing and it is a unique manifestation of personalized creation. Therefore, poetry writing must follow the principle of lofty conception and unique insight. Thus it is very important to cultivate students' creative thinking in poetry writing training. Only by looking at the world in a particular way, can we have our own way of thinking in writing and write valuable and creative articles. Among many ways of training students' thinking, reverse thinking is to think from the opposite direction and arouse students' interest. And it is necessary to establish the habit of reverse thinking, to achieve surprise effect. This paper is based on the various types of literature theoretical analysis of reverse thinking method, and discusses the current existing problems in the teaching of poetry writing then puts forward the effective strategies of reverse thinking, hoping it is helpful for poetry writing.


Poetry writing, Reverse Thinking, Training strategies.