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Protection Device of Control Switch Sensor Base on Intelligent MCU

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DOI: 10.25236/icmcs.2019.048


Zhiguo Meng and Lingxin Shi

Corresponding Author

Lingxin Shi


(Objective) Sensors need to work in a harsh environment. In order to maintain accuracy, it is necessary to protect the sensor of intelligent control switch. (Methods)Protection device include shell, cover and dust control device. Circuit board is installed in the shell. Micro controller and various ancillary electronic components are designed under the circuit board surface, and encapsulation cap included the special optical blocks or magneto electric blocks are been on the circuit board surface. Receiving signal sensor, transmitting signal sensor, light emission, microcontroller and instrumentation were inserted between two faces of circuit board. (Results) The upper surface of the shell is bolted around the cap as a protective cover, and the top center of the protective cover is connected with a dustproof device. The transmitting signal sensor and the receiving signal sensor are surrounded by a protective cover to prevent dust and other adhesion from the surface of the signal sensor. Two kinds of signal sensor are isolated to ensure the performance and to avoid interference. (Conclusion) In the coordination of the embedded chip, the control switch can keep up the accurate operation.


Sensors, Protection Device, Intelligent, MCU