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Analysis on the Application of Computer Virtual Reality Technology Environment Design

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DOI: 10.25236/icmcs.2019.047


Lixia Hou

Corresponding Author

Lixia Hou


As a new computer technology integrating a variety of science and technology, computer virtual reality has been involved in many research and application fields. Virtual reality technology is a hot technology that has been paid close attention in recent years. It is developing rapidly because it can bring users Many conveniences are currently highly regarded by the industry and are recognized as one of the important development disciplines of the 21st century and one of the important technologies that affect people's lives. This paper introduces the important characteristics of immersiveness, interactivity and imagination. This paper analyzes the application of virtual technology in environmental design, and analyzes the development and application of virtual reality in other fields.


Virtual reality technology, immersion, interaction, Interactivity