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Teaching Reform of Management Accounting Course of ACCA Experimental Class

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DOI: 10.25236/icmcs.2019.044


Yuming Li and Shuixia Tao

Corresponding Author

Yuming Li


There are always some problems in the process of Management accounting teaching. This paper focuses on the teaching of Management accounting course by using original English textbooks discuss and analyze the existing problems, and summarize the advantages, problems and improvement measures brought by the original English textbooks. In order to adapt to the development of society and provide targeted professional talents for enterprises, the college opened ACCA experimental class in 2015. In the course system, the course ACCA Paper F2 (Management Accounting) is a professional basic course which is using the original teaching material of British BPP learning media. In order to better carry out teaching, the college is equipped with teachers with overseas study experience to carry out bilingual teaching and students' professional knowledge improved a lot in both English and Chinese. However, many problems have been found in the process of offering Management accounting (MA) courses. This paper studies and discusses the advantages brought by MA as well as the existing problems and improvement measures, so as to enable students to better master the professional knowledge of management accounting and provide more professional talents for employers.[1-6]


ACCA experimental class, Management accounting, Teaching reform