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Research on Supply Chain Optimization of Cross-border E-commerce

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DOI: 10.25236/icmcs.2019.042


Ting Lu

Corresponding Author

Ting Lu


Under the trend of rapid growth of China's import and export trade volume, the cross-border e-commerce supply chain with e-commerce as the core has problems such as lack of supply chain management and lagging process efficiency. Therefore, how to optimize supply chain management and improve logistics efficiency is the main challenge for cross-border e-commerce. This paper makes a certain analysis of the status quo of cross-border e-commerce supply chain, compares the advantages and disadvantages of various supply chain models, analyzes the macro factors and specific factors that affect the supply chain model, and finds that the factors affecting supply chain management are Each stage is different. Based on this paper, a series of measures are proposed for the optimization of cross-border e-commerce supply chain to help cross-border e-commerce entities of different scales adopt their own mode of supply chain optimization.


Cross-border e-commerce, Supply chain management, Supply chain optimization, Optimization