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Test Process Model and Management in Software Engineering

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DOI: 10.25236/icmcs.2019.032


Hongyu Li, Jinsheng Zhang and Donghu Gu

Corresponding Author

Hongyu Li


Computer software testing is an important part of software engineering and an important means for software developers and users to verify that software products are qualified. Under the guidance of software engineering concept, based on the rich experience of software testing project and its own good software testing technology, this paper fully considers the particularity of model software testing process management, and draws on the management theory of related disciplines to develop strict and quantitative Software testing process management tools enable effective management and control of the testing process. This paper proposes a more general software test process model from the perspective of software engineering as a whole. This model can help test managers to determine the current test status in a changing software development environment to some extent, find out the existing problems in time, and take corresponding measures according to the problems, so as to promote the test process to meet the development plan and quality. The purpose of the standard. This paper gives a case based on the author's actual experience and analyzes it. The analysis results show the rationality of the above model.


Software Engineering, Software Testing, Test Process, Test Management