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Research on the Smart Tips of Ultrasound Range Touching Based on Single Chip Microcontroller

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DOI: 10.25236/icmcs.2019.031


Wenling Liu, Wenqian Qiang, Ruoxi Ma and Xiangcai Zhu

Corresponding Author

Wenling Liu


Due to the surge in the number of cars and their drivers, parking spaces are scarce and compact parking spaces impose higher requirements on drivers 'parking technology. In order to assist driver parking, a high-precision car ultrasonic radar auxiliary parking system with voice broadcasting function is developed. The system can monitor the distance between the car body and the obstacles in real time, effectively expand the driver's field of view, help the driver correctly judge the position of the car body, adopt the correct parking operation, and avoid the occurrence of the incident. At the same time, the same principle can be used for modern technology robots, machine transport vehicles, unmanned vehicles, and other places that require distance measurement and feedback.


Ultrasound Ranging, Single Chip Microcomputer, Character Display, Intelligent Prompt