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Design of Employment Tracking System for Public Administration Graduates

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DOI: 10.25236/icmcs.2019.030


Xiaohui Wang, Geng Li and Xiaolong Sun

Corresponding Author

Xiaohui Wang


Public administration majors in universities are widely involved, which leads to a wider range of employment for graduates. However, the graduates’ existing employment tracking methods ignore the information communication with the employing units and fail to feedback the employing units' shortcomings of evaluation and suggestions on personnel training methods. So, it is very important to design the employment tracking system for public administration graduates. This paper proposes a three-way linkage graduation tracking system of "university-student-employer" which can effectively promote the real-time information interaction among the three parties from three aspects of perfection, optimization and implementation, and help universities to adjust the way of personnel training timely.


Public management major, College graduates, employment tracking system