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Research on the Teaching Mode of Tennis Course in Colleges and Universities Based on "Internet +"

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DOI: 10.25236/icmcs.2019.028


Jiajia Li

Corresponding Author

Jiajia Li


As an elegant sport, tennis attracts more and more students with its unique charm. However, it is difficult to meet the overall requirements of the tennis teaching target in the limited course due to the limited number of class hours, the site and other factors. Combining the "Internet +", this paper studied the development measures of tennis in colleges and universities. The author thinks that under the background of the information age, how to carry out tennis in colleges and universities and meet the psychological needs of college students is a kind of sports mode worthy of discussion. Based on the author's study and practical experience, this paper first analyzed the teaching significance of tennis courses in colleges and universities based on the "Internet +", and then summarized the factors that affect the development of tennis teaching in colleges and universities. Finally, the implementation steps of college tennis course teaching mode based on "Internet +" are put forward.


Internet +, Colleges and universities, Teaching mode, Teaching reform