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The Constructing of Supervision System on Korean Autonomous Learning under the Internet Environment

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DOI: 10.25236/icmcs.2019.024


Zhenhua He

Corresponding Author

Zhenhua He


With the development of Information technology, autonomous learning based on the internet is becoming a very important study method. However, due to the particularity of network autonomous learning, the performance of the students' learning is very low. According to the characteristics of internet autonomous learning and the various factors of the learning effect, the supervision system will provide the pointed real-time monitor and the evaluation, which’ll have great effect on the teachers, students and the internet administrators. The effective methods, such as self-assessment、self-control and mutual assessment、mutual control, are implemented among those people, The students can improve the ability of autonomous learning and can be inspired to obtain the expectant study target eventually.


Internet, Korean, Autonomous learning, Supervision system