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Exploring the Optimization of Logistics Distribution Mode of Supply Chain Management under the Background of New Retail

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DOI: 10.25236/icmcs.2019.023


Li Liu and Shu Cai

Corresponding Author

Li Liu


At the moment of rapid development of the Internet, e-commerce companies have achieved rapid progress in business opportunities, and the market competition atmosphere has made supply chain management a core process of the enterprise. For example, in modern retail industry, self-operated logistics cannot be applied to the development needs of enterprises. Therefore, from the perspective of supply chain in the context of new retail, the analysis of the optimal route of logistics distribution is beneficial to the development of e-commerce. With the difficulty of solving logistics, improve data forecasting capabilities, accelerate the digital supply chain construction system, and provide new opportunities for logistics development through supply chain and new retail model.


New retail, Supply chain management, Logistics and distribution