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Research on Oilfield Network Information Security Protection System

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DOI: 10.25236/icmcs.2019.020


Jingshu Wang, Xin Wang and Xiaolong Wang

Corresponding Author

Jingshu Wang


In recent years, the state has proposed the network architecture and security requirements for industrial control systems built by smart oilfields. Under the background of this, the paper first describes the importance of information security in the oilfield industrial network in the digital oilfield process. Furthermore, the current situation of industrial control network in SL oilfield is analyzed, and the possible risks are listed. At the same time, the characteristics and shortcomings of existing solutions are analyzed. Then the oilfield network information security protection system is proposed as an optimization solution. The test results show that the proposed system is economically feasible and can be further promoted.


Smart oilfield, Network information security, Oilfield information management