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Research on Innovation of Classroom Teaching of Insurance under the Background of Internet Finance

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DOI: 10.25236/icmcs.2019.018


Xinzhu Zhou

Corresponding Author

Xinzhu Zhou


With the rapid development of internet finance, the core of modern economic competition is talent competition. Talents are particularly important for the development of the insurance industry. Especially in recent years, China’s insurance industry has seen a surge in demand for talents and a huge supply gap, which has severely constrained the rapid development of the insurance industry. There is an urgent need to accelerate the development of insurance education and to develop professional and technical personnel that meet the requirements of the modern insurance industry as soon as possible. Insurance study is one of the core courses of economic management majors in universities in China and plays an important role in the cultivation of students’ professional skills. However, for a long time, many domestic colleges and universities have generally emphasized theory and practice in the teaching of insurance. They have not paid attention to the cultivation of students' innovative spirit and practical ability. Classroom teaching is basically an “infusion teaching” and “spoon-filled” teaching method, which seriously affects insurance study’s development of teaching. This paper proposes that under the background of Internet finance, through accelerating the pace of teaching reform, increasing the content of practical teaching, breaking through the traditional single classroom infusion teaching method, establishing a perfect knowledge system, interdisciplinary teaching. It is of great significance to deepen the curriculum reform and reform the professional personnel training mode of colleges and universities.


Internet finance, Insurance, Reform and innovation