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Anti Falling System for Elderly People Based on Single Chip Microcomputer

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DOI: 10.25236/icmcs.2019.016


Yifan Xiao, Hongtao Yu, Yue Liang, Yan Zhang and Yan Bao

Corresponding Author

Hongtao Yu


With the aggravation of the aging population, tha demand for home care of the elderly is increasing day by day. When the old people accidentally fall down without timely help, there will be very serious consequences. This paper designed a fall detector based on ADXL343 triaxial acceleration sensor, msp430-f149 low-power single-chip computer and master control module, remote communication module, fall detection module, GPS positioning module, voice alarm module and recording module. The three-axis acceleration sensor is used to collect the human body's three-dimensional acceleration value, and the single chip computer is used for analysis and calculation. The results are sent to the upper computer or mobile phone through the remote communication module. When a fall is detected, the mobile phone or upper computer sends an alarm signal to inform children or designated personnel such as the hospital. By analyzing the acceleration sensor data and writing software algorithm to judge human posture; Normal alarm after the old man falls; Analyze the possible false alarm phenomenon, judge whether the alarm is abnormal, and set the acceleration threshold to reduce the possibility of misjudgment. Set the button to prevent false alarm, and when the movement amplitude of the elderly is too large, the detector error alarm can be manually cancelled.


Anti falling system, Single chip microcomputer all detection ultisensor