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The Impact of Artificial Intelligence in the Big Data Era on the Development of Commercial Banks

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DOI: 10.25236/icmcs.2019.009


Liduo Zhang and Lina Zhang

Corresponding Author

Lina Zhang


Commercial banks must constantly explore and use new technologies such as artificial intelligence to innovate with the rise and development of cloud computing, mobile internet, big data mining and other technologies. However, while commercial banks are innovating, security issues should not be ignored. Commercial banks need to use big data technology to control security in innovation. Firstly, this paper summarizes how commercial banks use artificial intelligence to innovate and make progress in four aspects: risk management and control of commercial banks, customer relationship management and customer demand analysis, improvement of service quality of commercial banks and cost control of commercial banks. Then it introduces how commercial banks control security issues while innovating and how supervisory departments implement effective supervision. Finally, it puts forward suggestions and prospects from the aspects of commercial banks' increasing database construction and large data algorithm.


Internet, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Commercial Bank, Innovation