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A Survey of College English Teachers’ Ability to Manage English Teaching with Information Tools

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DOI: 10.25236/icmcs.2019.007


Guorong Shen

Corresponding Author

Guorong Shen


In the process of introducing modern information technology in college English teaching, teachers need to make scientific re-position of their roles, update teaching ideas, enrich and improve their teaching ability. College English teachers' ability of managing teaching with information tools is the core competence that teachers need when integrating information technology with college English teaching. Based on the literatures, the paper concludes the ability composition of college teachers’ management of teaching process by using information tools. The paper continues to find out the effective incentive mechanism by making questionnaire survey in three universities with different informatization degree, comparing the present situation of teachers’ management of teaching process ability with information tools in each university.


College, English, Teachers, the Ability Using Information Tools, Incentive, Mechanism