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Design and Implementation of a Computer-based Interactive Teaching Equipment

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DOI: 10.25236/icmcs.2019.005


Yonghui Ma, Zhi Kanmai and Ma Wenning

Corresponding Author

Yonghui Ma


The research of the device is a computer-based interactive teaching equipment, including a button-bar, a shell, a motor, a circular gear one, an upper cover, a fixed block, an inner box, an outer box and a handle. The button-bar is arranged on the upper end of the upper cover. The fastener is fixed to the outer shell, the outer shell is arranged on the upper end surface of the upper cover, the outer shell and the upper cover are connected by a rotating shaft, the motor is arranged on the inner end of the upper cover, and the circular gear is arranged on the upper cover. The circular gear is fixed at the front end of the motor, and the design realizes that the upper cover is automatically opened, and the upper cover after opening is located at the left and right ends of the lower shell, the fixed block is installed at the lower end of the inner box, and the fixed block is arranged at the inner bottom end of the outer box. The handle is fixed at the right end of the outer box, and the design realizes the purpose of setting up a teaching kit box on the lower shell. The utility model is convenient for use, convenient for operation, quick cleaning, and time saving.


Computer, Interaction, Teaching, Equipment