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The Design and Application of a Wind Turbine System for the Floating Wind Farm with Stationary and Anti-Typhoon

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DOI: 10.25236/iwmecs.2019.122


Hong Zhu, Yanqiong Song, Leming Xiao, Cunbao Tang, Beibei Li

Corresponding Author

Hong Zhu


In the paper a new kind of wind turbine system has solved the important technical problems of the offshore triangle-platform being affected by the waves and tides, i.e. the small amplitude of sloshing, and the vibration amplification of 6-degrees-of-freedom. The sea water in the cylinder, which is fixed with the triangle platform, is basically stable, so the hollow inverted cone is stable and the fan is stable. When the triangular platform is swayed by wind and wave, the movement of the balance steel bar under the inverted cone is blocked in the balance box, and the wind turbine vibration is reduced. In order to reduce the construction cost of offshore platform, the results show that the design idea of the offshore wind turbine can realize anti-typhoon in the respects of the structure of fan rod and barrel and wind blade.


Floating wind farm, Offshore platform wind turbine, Balancing device, Anti typhoon