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Design and Implementation of Graphic Editor in SVG Standard Monitoring System of Electrical Automation

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DOI: 10.25236/iwmecs.2019.118


Jianren Huang

Corresponding Author

Jianren Huang


SVG is an open standard text vector graphics description language developed by W3C organization in electrical automation. Based on the new vector graphics standard of SVG in electrical automation, this paper will implement a visual graphics editing software for power system, which can realize the basic operations of drawing, zooming, modifying and deleting basic graphics objects, and also can display the wiring diagram and configure electrical parameters of power system quickly, accurately and dynamically. The graphical editor of power system realized in this paper has beautiful interface, clear structure, vectorization of graphical elements, strong real-time performance, and provides a powerful user interface. It has a wide application prospect in power system.


Electrical automation, SVG, vector graphics, power system wiring diagram, power system graphics editor, real-time