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Fault Location of Distribution Network Based on Dynamic Matrix

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DOI: 10.25236/iwmecs.2019.117


Cen Tian

Corresponding Author

Cen Tian


Distribution network is the closest power supply service terminal in power system to power customers, and its construction level has a great impact on the quality of power supply service. The research of fault location in distribution network can improve the self-healing level of distribution network, help to quickly find fault segments and isolate them, and realize the restoration of power supply in fault segments. In this paper, a fast fault location method without RTU information is proposed for the non-measurement and control area of distribution network. Based on the coordinate information provided by the hotline telephone, other fault nodes are searched from the base point to both sides by using the dynamic hierarchical method of power network, and then all the equipment in the whole dispatching area is traversed. The different fault membership functions of all devices are given. By synthesizing the information of several hotlines, the comprehensive membership degree of each switch element is obtained. When the comprehensive membership degree of a component is greater than the preset threshold, the fast fault location can be achieved. The simulation results show that the algorithm is feasible and effective.


Distribution network, fault location, matrix algorithm